Alice Austen House

Credit: Chris J. Johns

Clear Comfort Awaits You!

One of America's earliest and most accomplished female photographers, Alice Austen (1866-1952) captured more than 8,000 photographs over the course of her fascinating life. She is well known for her Street Photography, images of immigrants arriving from Ellis Island, shoe-shiners, and policemen.
Less known is her beautiful nature images and her interest in Transcendentalism.  She was a true artists with a determined eye and a strong sensibility. Her seaside home, Clear Comfort, provides one-of-a-kind views and dates from the 1690s.
The House today displays the life and work of Ms. Austen as well as features contemporary photo exhibits. The surrounding parkland features manicured gardens, mimicking Ms. Austen's photographs, and unforgettable views of New York Harbor.
Open March through December
Tuesday through Sunday, 11am- 5pm
The grounds are open every day until dusk.
Suggested Donation: $3

2 Hylan Boulevard
Staten Island, NY
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