With over 170 parks, it's no wonder that Staten Island is called "The Greenest Borough". There are more than 12,300 acres of protected parkland - that's more than one third of the Island's total land mass! For sheer variety, our parks cannot be beat. There is ice skating at Clove Lakes, and swimming at South Beach. Go horseback riding at Clay Pit Ponds State Park or bird watching at Mount Loretto Nature Preserve. Traditional parks with playgrounds and ball fields are complemented by vast forests and passive parkland. Just minutes from Manhattan, Staten Island's rustic retreats have something for everyone!

Bloomingdale Park

Credit: Vinnie Amesse

Opened in 2004, Bloomingdale Park is a 138-acre retreat in Southern Staten Island. Featuring pathways, jogging trails, ballfields, a soccer field and basket ball court, Bloomingdale Park offers great opportunities for active recreation.

Conference House Park

Credit: Bill Paciello

Conference House Park is a great destination for both park and history buffs. Located at the southernmost point of New York State, this park houses four historic buildings that trace the history of the borough over the course of three centuries.


More than three times the size of Central Park, Staten Island's Greenbelt is a haven for New York City's nature lovers. The Greenbelt is a contiguous series of forests, meadows, wetlands, ponds, and parks that stretches across the heart of Staten Island.

Mid-Island Parks

Credit: Michael Falco

Beyond the Greenbelt, central Staten Island's parks offer a marina, a golf course, wildlife, and more.

North Shore Parks

Credit: Michael Falco

Featuring quiet wooded trails, an ice skating rink, rowboats, and playing fields, Staten Island's North Shore Parks offer plenty of fun, close to the Ferry.

South Beach

Credit: Vinnie Amesse

Since the 19th Century, Staten Island's Eastern Shore has been a haven for tourists and beach bathers. The pride of the shoreline is the South Beach Boardwalk, which stretches almost two miles!

South Shore Parks

You'll never believe you're in New York City. Southern Staten Island is a nature lover's paradise, with diverse natural areas and countless recreation opportunities.

Willowbrook Park

Part of Staten Island's Greenbelt, Willowbrook Park is one Borough's most popular outdoor destinations.