Only on Staten Island!

Credit: Vinnie Amesse

For those who like quirky, unexpected places to visit, check out one, or all, of the following!

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Grotto Listed in the National Registry of Historic places, this unusual serpentine grotto is built out of stone, brick, and cement and decorated with shells, bicycle reflectors, marbles, and other surprises.
You can learn more about the Grotto here.
Phone: 718-816-5971, or 718-727-0809. 
Located at: 36 Amity St Staten Island, NY 10305
Colossus the Tulip Tree 300 years old and 119 feet tall, Colossus is the oldest and biggest living thing in Staten Island!
Located in Clove Lakes Park
Crimson Beech by Frank Lloyd Wright The only Frank Lloyd Wright house in New York City is located on Staten Island. Nestled into Lighthouse Hill, it is worth visiting while on your way to the nearby Tibetan Museum.