Staten Island's Cemeteries

Credit: Amanda Straniere

Interred in Staten Island's hallowed grounds are some interesting characters from the Borough's past. Today, you are invited to view their final resting place in our many beautiful and serene cemeteries.

At 113 acres, the beautiful Moravian Cemetery is more than 250 years old. Home to the Vanderbilt tomb, visitors can join a guided tour of this burial ground. To make reservations, please visit their website or contact the historian, Richard Simpson by email.

On Staten Island you can also find the final resting place of a famous literary character, Ichabod Crane. The namesake for Washington Irving's character in "The Legend of Sleepy Hallow", the real Ichabod Crane was an army major who lived in the 19th Century. He is buried in the New Springville Cemetery in Bulls Head.

One of Staten Island's oldest burial grounds, the Blazing Star Cemetery in Rossville has headstones dating from 1750. Adjacent to this cemetery is a graveyard of a different sort: One for ships. Off Staten Island's coast there are dozens of old ferries, tug boats, and other vessels, slowly decaying. A surreal site to be seen, this boat cemetery is not to be missed.

Friends of Abandoned Cemeteries, Inc. (FACSI) a Staten Island based not for profit founded in 1981, is the main source for information on all Staten Island Cemeteries both past and currently active. FACSI maintains the following physical cemetery locations as well as an archive of original records, conducts walking tours and community service volunteer projects:

Staten Island Cemetery
Established: 1847, 3.5 acres
Richmond Terrace & Alaska Street

Trinity Cemetery
Established: 1801, 1 acre
Richmond Terrace/Rogers Surveyors Fence

Fountain Cemetery
Established 1863, 4 acres< br /> Tompkins Court/Van Street


Van Street Cemetery
Established 1889, 1 acre
Van Street/Gaeta Sanitation Parking Garage

Native American Burial Ground
50ft x 50ft
Located within Staten Island Cemetery

Lake Cemetery
Established 1834, 1.8 acres
Willowbrook Road

Silvies Cemetery
Established ~1889, 1 acre
Forest Avenue

Sylvan Cemetery
Established 1690, 5 acres
Victory Blvd & Glen Street

Old Clove Baptist Cemetery
Established 1802, 2 acres
Clove Road & Richmond Road

Blazing Star Cemetery
Established 1740, 1 acre
Arthur Kill Road

Marine Hospital Quarantine Cemetery
Established 1799-1858, 2 acres
Removed to Receiving Tomb/Moravian Cemetery

Marine Hospital Quarantine Cemetery
Established 1799-1858, 3 acres
Silver Lake Golf Course

Marine Hospital Quarantine Clifton
Established 1895-1930, 1 acre
Forgotten Acre inside Oceanview Cememtery

Merrell Cemetery
Established ~1800, 2 acres
Merrell Avenue & Richmond Avenue

Alms House/Farm Colony Cemetery
Established 1829, 4.5 acres
Brielle Avenue

Jorunay Cemetery
Established ~1800, .5 acre
Bloomingdale Park

Ridgeway Cemetery
Established ~1760, .5 acre
Travis (Will be moved to Staten Island Cemetery in 2013)

Simonson Family Plot
Established ~1800, .25 acres
St. John's Lutheran (Inside Cemetery)

Learn more about Staten Island's cemeteries, past and active, along with links to the free on-line burial lists. (Please note the lists are not 100% complete. FACSI continues to provide additional burial lists as they are transcribed.)

Over 20,000 names are transcribed in the Dempsey & Son's Undertaker records.

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